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Instrumental Music Starts Next Week

This article was posted in the Falcon Flyer latest edition:

To all 4th and 5th grade parents:

Instrumental Music begins next week!

If your child is participating in instrumental music, you should have received a packet from me that included: 1) a copy of your initial enrollment form with the instrument circled in red; 2) instructions on what do to next and a request for a simple email confirmation back to me along with a schedule of lesson times. If you have not received these things, talk to your child. All the information you need is contained in that packet.

Local Music Store Recommendations for Renting Instruments:

Several parents have asked me to recommend to the best place to rent a music instrument. While I know it’s inconvenient, In regards to recommending a local music store, the school board has requested that public school music teachers not recommend any particular local music store as it may show favoritism to a particular vendor.

If you do a search on the internet “instrumental rental Seattle” many local music stores that several of my parents have used in the past will appear.  Many offer different programs and are quite competitive. They will have a large selection of instruments and can advise you on the best student brand or model of instrument you will need.

That being said, you should ask each vendor:

1)      Is repair of the instrument part of the rental contract? Or at least minor repair. And if they can’t fix the instrument overnight, will they give you a loaner instrument while the instrument is being repaired? Most stores offer something like this since they rent to many schools.

2)      Is there a rent-to-own option? Some stores allow you to put your monthly rental toward owning the instrument or upgrading to a better instrument later.

While not an option for all families, if you choose to purchase an instrument from an online vendor rather than rent from a local music store, I would be happy to advise you if you want to send me a link to what you are considering.

Thank you and I look forward to starting instrumental music next week!

-Mr. Pendergrass