Instrumental Music for 2019-20


*If you are 3rd grade family looking for information on instrumental music for next year, please go here.

Thank you for a great year of instrumental music at Fairmount Park. With our Spring Concert behind us, lessons are done for this school year and students no longer need to bring their *instruments to school. This doesn’t mean you are done learning on your instrument. Now that you have the basics down for your instrument, it’s time to keep moving forward by adding new notes and songs to your skill set.

*If you borrowed a school instrument for the year, I have collected the instrument your child borrowed at our final assembly concert on June 7 (for orchestra) and June 14 (for band).


All returning 4th grade students will be *promoted to either the Intermediate Orchestra or Intermediate Band. This means that all Intermediate Band students (flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, percussion) will practice together as a large ensemble once a week; and all Intermediate Orchestra students (violin, viola, cello) will practice together as a large ensemble once a week. I will send out a note in the Fall telling you when rehearsals will begin for the 2019-20 school year.

*I am assuming all students will be returning on the same instrument for the 2019-20 school year. Students who borrowed district owned instruments in 4th grade will have first priority for an instrument in 5th grade. Students not continuing to study their instrument in 5th grade should contact Mr. Pendergrass.


All Intermediate Band and Orchestra students will continue using their method book (red for band, brown for orchestra) next year but will also receive a folder with new and exciting sheet music. This music will be more challenging and have multiple parts.


If you have access to your instrument over the summer, spend some time looking ahead in your method book. Learn some new notes and keep your memory fresh by reviewing songs and exercises we learned this year. Plan an informal concert for family and friends; get together with other band and orchestra students and have a literal “play” date. Bottom line: do what it takes this summer to return in the fall with the same or increased knowledge and skills on your instrument that you had at our last concert in June.