Watch this video below to get an introduction to the instrumental music program at Fairmount Park for 2020-21 school year:

All 4th and 5th grade students have the option to play a band or orchestra instrument at Fairmount Park. This is a “pull out program” where students come to the music room with Mr. Pendergrass and other students playing the same instrument once a week for a 30-40 minute lesson during the regular school day.

To clarify, students will still have general music with Mr. Pendergrass once a week during the teacher’s Planning and Preparation time like they did in grades K-3 (PCP). Instrumental music is in addition to PCP music.

A Journey to last a lifetime

Learning to play an instrument in 4th grade means you are starting a musical journey that can last a lifetime. Students who stick with the same instrument for 2 years are getting a great foundation to continue on in middle school, high school and beyond. Mr. Pendergrass has high expectations for all students to succeed. He will help your family pick the right instrument, plan for practice, and participate in exciting music celebrations.