Beginning Flute


After Winter concert practice: now that we have had a successful winter concert, it’s time to turn our attention back to practicing songs and exercises in our book that will make us better players. If you have ever played on a sports team, you know that your coach makes you work on certain skills at practice to help your team win games- running and passing and catching and defending are just as important as scoring points, and it’s how your team wins the game. To win at our concerts, and play songs that our audience will enjoy, our weekly practice will include a mix of songs and skills from our book. Keep this in mind as you practice. You are trying to get better on your instrument, not by learning as many songs as you can, but by becoming a better musician.


(these are exercise numbers not page numbers)

#22, 29, 35, 41, 43, 46, 48, 49, 51, 53, 55, 58, 61


I know that many of you will be traveling over the Thanksgiving Break, but please try and get some practice in for the songs for our Winter Concert, January 23, 2019:

p. 7 #12 Cardiff by the Sea

p. 8 #16 Hot Cross Buns

p. 8 #17 Au Claire De La Lune

p. 9 #23 Merrily We Roll Along

p. 9 #24 Lightly Row

p. 9 #26 Good King Wenceslas

p. 10 #32 Jolly Old St. Nicholas

p. 10 #34 Farm Out

p. 12 Jingle Bells (remember to play only the top notes)

Lesson 6: 11/05/18-

Continue to practice our concert songs from the list below. Work on playing them at a faster tempo, or spend practicing places where transitions are tricky. Add “Lightly Row” and “Good King Wenceslas” to your practice. Add page 39 #23A to your daily practice. See if you can play two measures, or the slurred section (curved line above the notes) in one breath.

Lesson 5: 10/29/18-

Next week I will hear you play a song for me alone during your lesson. You can choose one of the songs from lesson 4 last week. I want to hear and see that you can play all the notes with the correct rhythm and a steady tempo. You get to choose the song, and the speed or tempo you want to play for me. The songs you can play are:

p. 7 #12 Cardiff by the Sea

p. 8 #16 Hot Cross Buns

p. 8 #17 Au Claire De La Lune

p. 9 #23 Merrily We Roll Along

I will be listening for:

  • Correct rhythms
  • Correct fingerings
  • Correct pitches
  • Steady tempo
  • Good tone (or sound)

Lesson 4: 10/22/18-

Now that you know how to play and finger and identify on the staff  the pitches D, C, Bb, practice playing the following songs in your book with the recordings below (click on the title of the song to hear an audio recording like we did in class):

p. 7 #12 Cardiff by the Sea

p. 8 #16 Hot Cross Buns

p. 8 #17 Au Claire De La Lune

p. 9 #23 Merrily We Roll Along

(you’ll need to know the fingering for the pitch F to be able to play this song…HINT:   the pitch is introduced on p. 8)

Lesson 3: 10/15/18-

Now that we know how to put together our instrument and make a sound, we will use our book to learn new pitches with help from a fingering chart and then play those pitches in short exercises or songs. Make sure you record your practice time each day in the chart at the front of your book. I will check this chart at each lesson and initial your time for the week.
Please Practice the following this week:

  • Start learning the exercises on pages 6 & 7. You will need to know the fingerings for the pitches D, C and Bb. Take your time to practice fingering each note carefully before you blow on your flute. Memorize what keys to press down with your fingers for each pitch. Use the yellow box at the beginning of #1, #2, and #4 on page 6 to learn the finger positions.
  • Then memorize where the pitch sits on the music staff- is the pitch on a line or a space?

Lesson 2: 10/08/18- FLUTE Week #2 Instrumental Lessons-


Lesson 1: 10/02/18-  FLUTE Week #1 Instrumental Lessons-