Beginning Trombone


Get a method book for your instrument. The band book for your instrument can be purchased at any local music store, or you can order it online from Amazon here: You need Standard of Excellence, Book 1 for Trombone by Bruce Pearson.  It is important that you have this book because it has information about how to play your instrument, reading music, and songs for our Winter and Spring concerts. Please put your name on the front of your book with a black Sharpie or permanent marker.

This is where you will get information about what to practice each week.

Lesson 3: 10/19/18-

Now that we know how to put together our instrument and make a sound, we will use our book to learn new pitches with help from a fingering chart and then play those pitches in short exercises or songs. Make sure you record your practice time each day in the chart at the front of your book. I will check this chart at each lesson and initial your time for the week.
Please Practice the following this week:

  • Start learning the exercises on pages 6 & 7. You will need to know the slide positions for the pitches D, C and Bb. Practice placing your slide in the correct position for each note carefully before you blow on your trombone. Memorize the slide number and the slide position for each pitch. Use the yellow box at the beginning of #1, #2, and #4 on page 6 to learn the slide positions.
  • Then memorize where the pitch sits on the music staff- is the pitch on a line or a space?

Lesson 2: 10/12/18 (NO SCHOOL)- TROMBONE Week #1 & 2 Instrumental Lessons-


Lesson 1: 10/05/18- TROMBONE Week #1 & 2 Instrumental Lessons-