Intermediate Band


This is where you will get information about what to practice each week.

What to practice before our next lesson on 10/18/18:

  1. Practice measures 5-12 of  MONTEGO BAY.
  2. PERCUSSION ONLY: Learn the first 4 measures of  MONTEGO BAY.
  3. Learn the melody section of  Theme for Spring.
    Clarinets and Alto Sax: measures 1-8.
    Flutes and Trumpets: measures 12-19.
    Trombones: 23-30.
  4. PERCUSSION ONLY: Learn the first 12 measures of Theme for Spring.
  5. See if you can’t identify the “Du” and “Du-de” patterns when you listen to Theme for Spring
  6. Extra Credit:  bring a pencil to our next rehearsal and show it to me to have your name entered into a drawing. Using one of my pencils doesn’t count. You must have your own.