Ask Me

Dear Kindergarten Families

Each Friday I will post an ASK ME section here on my website. This is a chance to connect with your child about what they are learning in music class each week. It will contain a new song, poem, finger play, or movement activity that we have learned during the week. Check this section often and at the end of the year your child will have a collection of about thirty songs and activities from their kindergarten year.  Please ask your child to sing or perform it for two people (mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, etc.), or better yet, see if she or he can teach it to you! Have fun!  
-Mr. Pendergrass, Music Specialist.

Ask me about: my drum songs

Pitter, Patter
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter,
Listen to the rain.
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter,
On my window pane.

Listen, Listen
Listen, listen, here I come.
Someone special gets the drum.

We learned to play the bongo drums with “Pitter, Patter.”
It is a quiet song about rain. We also practiced passing drums.

We are learning to play the djembe (a drum from Africa) with “Listen, Listen.” It is a louder song. We have been learning about fast and slow beats. Ask me to show you how I can keep a fast beat and then a slow beat while I sing!

ASK ME: about my echo song

“Johnny on the Woodpile”
Johnny on the woodpile. (Johnny on the woodpile.)
Johnny on the fence. (Johnny on the fence.)
Johnny got a haircut. (Johnny got a haircut.)
For fifteen cents. (For fifteen cents.)

We sing a lot of simple echo songs in kindergarten as the students are learning to use their singing voices properly.

ASK ME: about my Fingerplay

Chop, chop, chippity chop,
(one hand “chops” on a “cutting board”- the other hand)
Cut off the bottom and cut off the top. (move hand to show bottom & top)
What we have left, we’ll throw in the pot.
(scoop vegetables and put in the pot)
Chop, chop, chippity chop. (resume tapping on arm)

What kinds of things do you put in soup? Chop them up!

Note to parents: Fingerplays are short rhymes/poems that work on expressiveness and dexterity, among lots of other things!

ASK ME:  about the slide whistle

This week we discovered how to make our voices go high and low as we followed the direction of the slide whistle. The bottom slides back and forth and can make the whistle sound like a siren. We each used our own “slide whistle” to follow the teacher with our voices. Ask me to show you mine!

Note to parents: this is called “vocal exploration.” Young children have an easier time singing in their correct voice after they practice “exploring” the different directions their voices can go.