Check out these resources as you begin your journey of a life time of musical enjoyment for you and your family:

Rhythmic Dictation Game

We have been playing this game in class to sharpen our rhythm skills. You can download it via the App Store Google Play or download it for Mac or PC. Look for Rhythmic Dictation v1.3 on the download page at the link above.


If you are looking for a recorder like the ones we use at Fairmount Park with our third grade music classes, check out the link above from Amazon for a solid, long lasting recorder your child would love.

The Music Parent’s Guide: A Survival Kit for the New Music Parent

An excellent resource for instrumental parents with thoughtful articles and practical advice on keeping your child engaged and interested in playing an instrument for life.

Noteflight-Online Music Notation Software

Create music notation right in your browser and be part of the world’s best music composition community.

Rockin’ Recorders!

Fun online resource for students to play along on their recorder with simple background tracks.

Staff Wars

Staff Wars and other fun games to learn about pitches.

Online Metronome

Become a rhythm Ninja and practice with a metronome (or just type “metronome” into Google for another kind of metronome…).

Music Theory Lessons

Learn about music theory with lessons and exercises for all levels and ages.

Standard of Excellence Accompaniment Recordings

Standard of Excellence Accompaniment Recordings, Book 1 can be downloaded here to play along with the exercises in your book.

Blank Staff Paper

When you want to write down some music.